Common Plumbing Maintenance Mistakes of New Homeowners

The home plumbing system is an essential part of everyday life. Any issue within the plumbing network could disrupt regular home activities, and cause health and sanitary issues. Property management experts in Escondido say homeowners should know the basics in keeping their plumbing systems so that they could continue to benefit from the convenience and safety of a sound plumbing network. 

First-time homeowners usually forget to schedule annual plumbing maintenance inspections.

First-time homeowners will benefit from taking time to understand and carry out plumbing chores. This is because most first-time homeowners make costly mistakes, that are sometimes complicated to remediate. This article will discuss those common mistakes, and what every new property owner should do to avoid such. 

Abusing the drainage system

The drainage system is an integral part of the plumbing system, and every household member should use it appropriately. Heads of households should educate every family member about the correct use of the drainage system. For instance, the kitchen sink is not a receptacle of left-over food, food bits, l vegetable, and fruit peelings and scraps, as well as a bin for used coffee grinds. 

The household should likewise dispose of kitchen grease appropriately. Instead of pouring used cooking oil down the drain, it should instead be poured on a separate container and disposed of according to community regulations. Some areas recycle used kitchen oil, while others advise property owners to store used kitchen grease in a recycled container and dispose alongside kitchen or organic waste. Property owners should take responsibility when it comes to knowing local rules to avoid getting penalized and prevent home plumbing issues. 

Toilet misuse

Some households also fall into the trap of using the toilet as a garbage bin for all sanitary and hygiene items. Toilets are not designed to accommodate this trash. Instead, it can only process flush out human waste and toilet paper. Baby wipes, tampons, panty shields, sanitary napkins, diapers, cotton balls and cotton pads, Q-tips, and the like will just clog the drainage lines and damage the home sewer system.

Sewer clogs are one of the worst plumbing emergencies that could happen to any home as they can flood the house, and damage flooring, carpeting, appliances, among other furnishings. It can also cause water damage, as well as illnesses, and even electrocution. Moreover, toilet water is very unsanitary since it contains human waste. 

Failure to winterize plumbing systems

Some new homeowners forget to winterize the home plumbing system, causing freezing pipes. Frozen pipes could easily break or leak causing flooding or water damage. Homeowners should prepare their plumbing network for upcoming chilly weather especially if the temperature will drop to zero. They should likewise insulate pipes that are exposed, and keep water trickling from some faucets around the house to avoid water in the pipes from freezing. 

Lastly, homeowners should avoid self-troubleshooting their frozen pipes as this could turn the situation from bad to worse. Any wrong self-repair techniques could lead to costly, even fatal mistakes especially when the pipe breaks and causes indoor flooding. 

Failure to schedule professional maintenance

First-time homeowners should schedule periodic professional plumbing maintenance to ensure that the whole plumbing network is working in top condition. This will likewise remediate any existing issue so that it will not worsen, and cause irreversible water damage.